Mal du Pays - Massachusetts Florist

Floral design studio & petite specialty cut flower farm in Western Massachusetts


Mal du Pays specializes in authentic, naturalistic floral design. Our mission is to promote a multi-sensory appreciation for flowers by emphasizing color, texture, and fragrance in our work. We carefully select organic, local, and seasonal materials to nurture an aesthetic that’s soulful and ethereal. Mal du Pays offers floral design for weddings, photo shoots, installations, and more in Western Massachusetts and beyond.

Our work at Mal du Pays is largely inspired by the psychological connection between scent and memory. We believe that odors are especially powerful and unique means of accessing memories. In addition to designing flowers around this theme, we work with our clients to create bespoke natural perfumes. These one-of-a-kind fragrances are designed to reflect complex personalities and to capture significant moments in time.