Mal dy py-ee: homesickness.
Mal du Pays design aesthetic expresses the longing to return home to nature. Our fine art floral designs are inspired by the transcendent power of fragrance and memory. Based on Lake Warner in North Hadley, Massachusetts, we make beautiful flower compositions from unique, aromatic flowers grown right on our petite flower farm. Our designs promote a multi-sensory appreciation for flowers and a reverence for the natural environment.

Weddings & Events

Mal du Pays specializes in beautiful and soulful event florals from sustainably grown flowers. We offer à la carte and full service design for weddings and special occasions in Western Massachusetts and beyond. Using the abundance of flowers grown right on our farm, as well as crops grown by our local and national sister-growers, we carefully select materials to nurture an aesthetic that’s nuanced, romantic, and timeless. Beautiful, fragrant flowers will mark your special occasion with tangible memories.