Floral Arrangements

Flowers have a magical ability to elevate the physical and psychological spaces we occupy. At Mal du Pays, we believe the most heartbreakingly beautiful floral designs convey the spontaneous energy of nature. We work with exquisitely imperfect, authentic floral materials; mottled foliage, crooked stems and asymmetrical petals have an important place in our work. We believe that “freaks of nature” are infinitely more interesting than pristine supermarket roses. We love to pair carefully cultivated, unique specimens with humble, foraged elements for a lush, naturalistic aesthetic.

Our flowers are grown on the Mal du Pays Farm, or sourced locally from colleagues in the greater Pioneer Valley. Each season has its standout blooms, from ranunculus to peonies to dahlias. Some of the most gorgeous and redolent varieties are also the most fragile, with a short vase life. For maximum enjoyment, we encourage people to embrace the transformation of cut flowers. As in nature, cut stems twist, buds blow open, and foliage yellows. Mal du Pays flowers are not meant to last for weeks, but we think they are most special when their ephemeral beauty punctuates a brief moment in time.

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