Flowers have the mysterious ability to elevate the physical and psychological spaces we occupy. Mal du Pays floral designs convey the spontaneous energy of nature. We work with authentic floral materials. Delicately mottled foliage, crooked stems and asymmetrical petals have an invaluable place in our work. Our designs invite you to look closely at the unique details and inhale. Thoughtful attention to fragrance in our floral designs inspires a gorgeous sensory experience that can transport the client back to emotionally profound moments.

Our sustainable materials are grown on the Mal du Pays farm, or carefully sourced from colleagues in and beyond the Pioneer Valley. The growing calendar is marked by the queens of each season: hellebores in winter, peonies and ranunculus in spring, dahlias in late summer, and chrysanthemums in autumn. We allow each flower to luxuriate in her shining moment, and we savor her transformation in a vase. As in nature, cut stems twist, buds blow open, and foliage yellows. Our ephemeral designs punctuate brief moments in time.